Now, keep in mind that I did not say chicken nugget(s). Here’s the true story of a Chicken Nugget. Capital letters intended. Anyone that knows Scott’s daughter, B, understands that she is her own individual (fancy way for saying that she thinks outside of the box). The gray, black, and white fluffball with the tail like a racoon, came to live with us when she was mostly white. She did, however, have the tail of a racoon from day one. Why Chicken Nugget? I never even questioned it. I loved it. That’s the name.

She came at a time when I was truly questioning my own sanity. I had just come home from a 7 week stay in a hospital/nursing home. It was no club med, but I counted my blessings. I was Alive. The issue for me at the time was, “Am I up to taking care of another pet?”

You Betcha….

I will often times say that she spends more time with her dad-o, but I digress. When I began chemotherapy, my body began to wither away and one day I came home with no hair. My voice was weak and a bit slurred from multiple surgeries. I was transforming in ways that I never thought possible. It was a good day if I could get my teeth brushed and my face washed. I put myself through the wringer if I couldn’t, at least, run the vacuum or do a load of laundry. If I didn’t, Scott would tell me not to worry, but his words didn’t stop me from doing that very thing.

With the chaos surrounding her, Nuggie, as we eventually started to call the big girl, took it all in stride. She began to check on mama. No dummy, this one. She knew I was ill and she also knew that we all needed her as much as she needed us. The Nugster crawls on dad’s lap when it’s cold. She loves going “camping” and waking up next to dad at our home away from home, but….

She took me beyond just having a pet. We are home together on most days. Just the two of us. We have formed an unbreakable bond and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Some days I get to have a caretaker. My girl will lay beside me and just breathe. If you think that it does nothing for the soul, think again.

Now, who rescued who?

Little Chicky Nug
She loves small spaces

She also loves my laundry basket
And she loves, loves, loves, her dad-o

Until Next Week – K xo

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