Today, I saw a butterfly. Simple enough, right? By this point, we all know I have cancer, but I’m removing the armor to tell the simple story of a girl….What? Not a girl with cancer? Well, she does have cancer, but for today, we’re keeping it light. That’s right. To begin with – Yes, I now have a website and I write blog postings every week. I reach out with inspirational quotes, and product reviews. I also give tips on other “stuff” (for lack of a better word) that has helped me during my cancer journey. I’m also delving into the podcasting arena for the first time. More on this will follow. For today, however, we’re going back to the happy place.

As most of you know, I listen to quite a bit of music and sometimes I will even put a song of the day on my Facebook page. One never knows what genre the song is going to be. This would include me. It’s usually something that has been playing over and over in my mind and I can’t seem to figure out why. My tastes vary from 1960’s rock, jazz, disco (and I stand by that comment), old country (I get this from my dad), The Carpenters, etc….

During my last sojourn in the hospital, Scott came into my room one day and made the announcement – “Jeff Lynne and ELO are coming to town. Not until next August, but we are only going if you are walking. You can do it. Not only that, we’re going to dance.” First thought – “Oh shit. What if I can’t?” As dear Kathy would say, “Well, what if you can?”

Let down the shield….Let down the shield….

You all know how the story ends, In case you don’t….I did relearn to walk and months later I danced the night away at the show. A bit awkwardly, but I didn’t care. Boy, was I tired. I cried a little, too. Happy tears for one of the best nights of my life. Until next week K xo

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