We get lost – In relationships, in work demands, in the daily grind of “it all”, in needless family squabbles.

Truth Be Told….

Have you ever admitted, if to no one else but yourself, that you love certain people? You don’t necessarily always like them, though. Right? Oh, you, too? Well, that’s a load off my mind.

Dateline: February, 2020 –

I had someone close to me ask, “What are you doing with your time?” I shot back, as if defending myself in a trial, “I’m writing a book”. This line of questioning gives the vibe of….

Where Were You on The Night of….

The individual in question retorted, “Well, how will you make any money at this?” Was I in the middle of a tennis match? The ball is sailing into the air – Kapow! Swoosh!

It’s My Serve, Dear….

I chose to be the conversation killer, but not before making my last declaration. “Not only am I writing a book, but I am going to develop a website in which I will write a weekly blog post. I will use affiliate marketing to generate some income.” The conversation dragged on as I gazed into the distance. There were a few more disparaging words expressed by the opponent and enough – Game, Set, Match….

affiliate marketing (noun)

a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals

Easy, Peasy….

My “daily grind” may appear a “cake walk” to some. I roll out of bed anywhere between 5 and 7, on most days. I make a coffee and take a mental note of the day ahead. I haul my trusty laptop out of its case, usually after Scott leaves for work, and begin. Some mornings flow a bit better than others. Many factors are involved in this. Did I sleep soundly, or at all, for that matter? I have issues with this one. How am I, physically, holding up?

Holy Radiation, Batman….

Year 6.5 marked a turning point, of sorts, in my cancer story. The symptoms from radiation were becoming quite pronounced. I was told that this is a normal occurrence at approximately year seven. My thyroid is “fried” and “I can’t hear you”. The next step is hearing aids. Those gamma rays can be a real “buzz kill”.

In Summation….

The whole bottom line is that I’m not out blazing trails, but will I “pack it in” due to the fact that a six figure income will most likely not be in the cards? What a startling revelation that the answer is a very hard, “No”. Yes, I’d like to profit from my venture, but not at the expense of losing sight of why I started this journey of self-reflection.

Double Summation….

I’d like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, “the certain someone” – wielding the other tennis racket – who shall remain nameless. This is to “protect the innocent”. What an inspiration. The conversation that transpired, on that fateful day, led to this “moment of clarity” and ever Grateful I remain.

Until Next Week – With Love, K xo

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