As a general rule I do not put people on pedestals. Having said this, there is one. His name is David Bowie. I could actually stop right here. I became a fan as a very young girl. I believe it was my sister, Sandy, that had the album that started my obsession with Rock and Roll music – David, Live – David Bowie At The Tower Philadelphia. One listen to it and I was hooked. Thanks dear sister. The irony of the whole “David, Live” thing is that I never actually saw him live. Boo.

I just thought that he was the coolest human being in the whole world. I think that, honestly, he could have done anything and I would have been happy. To this day I still believe that Rebel, Rebel is the greatest song he does live or Starman. I can’t decide. Scott bought me a David Bowie t-shirt for Christmas, a couple of years ago and I have all but worn it out. My obsession is never ending.

As most of you remember, I was in the hospital in the summer of 2015. While most of my friends were enjoying summer vacations and time off, I was having a partial jaw replacement. David got me through some late nights with no sleep. I couldn’t speak. I could only listen and listen I did. Space Oddity, Changes, just to name a few.

Four or five months later I got the devastating news. My hero was gone. Cancer took him. I was crushed. “Why?” I began to beat myself up with the, “Why him and not me?” Mind you, it’s certainly not that I wanted to die. I was having a difficult time with the what is my purpose in life question. It became a nagging quest to figure it all out. This is one of the main reasons that I began to write. It brings me joy. It has changed my life and I have my HERO to thank. Thank you David and Rest In Peace….

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  1. Sandy DeLorenze

    Hi Kel – I never knew that that album started your love of David Bowie! I’m so glad that something that I indirectly introduced to you is something that has helped “get you through the night.” Love you!

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