I have cancer. I have not allowed it to take away my ability to laugh, or for that matter, to laugh at myself. I have dents in my cheek and chin and a crooked lip. I have not stopped wearing make-up, on occasion, or lipstick. I kind of fancy being human from time to time.

I have short, curly hair. I have not had it cut in ages. It’s growing slowly, but at least it’s growing. Curls are courtesy of chemo. I have always cared for my cranium, even when I had no hair. I have not stopped. As a baldy, I would just wash my head with soap and water. I saved a ton of money on shampoo, as my significant other is follicly challenged. I began to take the same amount of time as he did to get ready to go anywhere. Definitely a check mark on the have side, but now with more hair, that’s a different story for another day.

I have a great network of friends that would do anything for me and are only a phone call away. There is no have not with this statement.

Cancer has allowed me to see what I have right in front of me. Everything that I need. The struggles have not been great enough to concede and give up.

I Thank God for the haves and the have nots. Each has given me many reasons for the Attitude and more importantly for the Gratitude. Until next week, K xo

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