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Cancer Support in PA

Our Clubhouse knows that we are going through challenging times. A cancer diagnosis is devastating and difficult to process, not only for the patient, but for caregivers, family, and friends.

Our Clubhouse understands and will assist its members by giving us a place to grieve, join support groups, and receive counseling, but Our Clubhouse is so much more than that. Providing art classes, writing groups, cooking demonstrations, and game nights, are just some of the ways that Our Clubhouse reminds us that it’s okay to have fun, in fact it’s encouraged.

What they have provided for me is HOPE and for that I am ever Grateful.

Cancer Support in the US

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Products I Love

cancer support and CBD products using heatlh coaching for cbd and essential oils from onpointhealthgroup

CBD products helped me during my journey and
I still use them today to help with anxiety.

Swanson Vitamins

Swanson Health is my source for vitamins,
supplements, and meal-replacement shakes when I can’t eat.

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