I’ve been taking some time to think back on the last six years since I was diagnosed with what I call the “Big Punch in the Gut”. Life would forever change its course after this. Now, I could have taken the news and turned it into quite a pity party and for awhile I actually did just that. I suppose that would be considered a natural thing to do.

For a few of these years, upsetting news seemed to happen around this time of year. On a couple of Christmases I was bald, with a feeding tube, and weighed approximately 80 pounds. “Kelly, would you like a slice of ham?” Take a second to respond. “I don’t know. Will it fit into my PEG Tube? No thanks. I’ll pass.” Then I would jokingly say, “I had a big lunch.” Humorous deflection has always been my greatest defense.

We are now in the year of Covid, but I refuse to slow down. No reason to stop looking forward. To life, love, 2021, etc…. I can eat some foods, not all, but I no longer have the tube. I’ve had a few of these tubes over the last several years. My stomach looks like a science project and I could probably connect the dots and make a pretty picture.

No matter what the world throws at me, I have enough tools in my “Toolbox of Life” for such matters. I’m looking forward to a new year with old and new friends. I have a great grand niece on the way in April. The world is in somewhat of an upheaval, but my health is stable. I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world…. Until Next Year – K xo

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