“Hi mom. We have to talk.” I was trembling as the words fell out of my mouth.

I was trying to put myself in her position, but I’ve never had children. Having said that, if I were given horrific news concerning Scott’s daughter, B, it would be a crushing blow. I couldn’t love her more if she were my own child, but….

Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual….

When I finished speaking to mom, I felt as though I were going to vomit. How do you tell your mother that you don’t have much time left? I knew that I needed to be very direct and to the point. Due to the stroke she’d had a few years prior, I was concerned that she may not comprehend the gravity of the situation. On the other hand, I was not ready for the look of despair in her eyes. I did eventually realize that she needed to process this in her own way and that….

Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual….

Was this a “Double Edged Sword” moment? I needed to tell her. I imagined it might be a comfort to have her in the loop and I certainly didn’t want anyone else spilling the beans. Never in my life, though, did I dream I’d ever have to do this.

My brother and one of my sisters offered to go with me. I took them up on this and all I can say is “Thank You”.

Telling mom that all we have is one day, was quite a help to me as I pray it was for her. I promised her that I was going to focus on living my life as though I only have one day and to not dwell on the future.

She has certainly been through her share of trials with me and….

Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual….

It is now four years later. I’m still here and mom is now 84 years old. Her cognitive reasoning is not as it once was. I feel as though I’m becoming the parent and….

Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual….

Until Next Week – K xo

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