Off We Go….

When the news began to sink in that I would be transported to a nursing home/rehab facility, weeks after my eighteen hour jaw surgery, I was a bundle of nerves. An ambulance was to come and pick me up at the hospital and transport me to the new facility. As is par for course, I later came to find, the two men from the ambulance service were late. Very late. They showed up to get me at approximately 10 o’clock in the evening. I didn’t think they were coming. I was tired and wanted to sleep. I had no idea what to expect. The men were kind, but I was reluctant to go with them. When they loaded me in the back of the ambulance, it was very dark. The doors slammed in front of me. “Thud.” One of the men stayed in the back with me. I could only imagine a horror movie where the young girl gets raped or murdered. I was unable to speak and it cut to the core. Even if I could make sounds, nobody would hear my screams. Tears poured down my face, but the men didn’t even notice.

I’m Ready For my Close-up….

I showed up in the lobby at my new temporary residence, late that night. There were a few various people who came to greet me. One of which was my nurse for that evening. She was a kind, pretty woman. I imagined that she was younger than me and probably had a husband, 2.5 kids, and a dog, but struggling to make ends meet and needed the money to put food on the table. Maybe her husband was an alcoholic and didn’t work. I began to create scenarios for all of the staff members sent my way. Boredom? Possibly….At the end of her shift, she came in and said goodbye. I was always left to wonder who would come in next.

Killing me Softly….

Late that day, a male nurse entered the room. He was soft spoken and had a pleasant demeanor, but I was wary of his intentions. He said, “How are you doing” ? I was very frank with him. Now, you remember my “Right Hand Man”? Yes, the trusty dry erase board that I kept by my side. I revealed that I was in a state of depression. He asked if he could hold my hand and pray with me. I replied by nodding my head, “Yes”. He was so close to me that I could smell what he had for lunch. I could feel the terror sweep across my body. Another instance of, “This is it. I’m a goner. He is going to have his way and then kill me.” My mind raced with these sorts of assumptions. He did none of those things. He said a prayer that I couldn’t remember if I tried, but it helped me to get through that evening. I was able to wrap up that night with all of my “appendages”.

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