How a Journal Can Become an Expiration Date (In Two Easy Steps)

Amidst some of the worst times, I began keeping a journal that I bought in the gift shop at the cancer treatment center. The front of it said, “Keep Calm and Trust God”. Sounded good  to me. I just starting writing. No real direction at all. Just writing.

There were days when I was too sick, too tired, too this or that to put pen in hand.

One day out of the clear blue, however, came this – “Kelly, you need to turn this into a book” This stunned me because the lips uttering these words were non other than Scott’s.

He could barely even talk about what was going on with me. Well then, you see, he would have to confront his own feelings about the whole situation. Fear, anger, frustration, etc. He knew, however, that my new found hobby was doing some good for me.

“A book”, I repeated, just to be clear that I’d heard him correctly. “Why, not?”

I kept my lips sealed about my new endeavor to anyone who happened to ask what I’d been up to, lately. Most people were well aware that I already had a boatload of other things going on. Trying to stay alive was one of them. After a while, I began to divulge to a few friends that I was keeping a journal and may turn it into a book

When I spit the word book out, more and more, I came to embrace the idea. Scott became my new cheerleader. “Kelly you’re writing a book. Tell people.”

I soon found myself saying, “I’m a writer and I’m working on my first book.” My first? Will there be a second? Slow down….

At the time, I didn’t have more than a few chapters written and no idea about editing and publishing. I began using my home away from home, Convive Coffee Roastery, as my office. All of my favorite baristas would ask, “How’s the book coming?” Uh-oh, I have to finish it, now. I have a fan club. Some weeks I would have what is known as “writers block”, but my cronies kept me going when I wanted to give up.

I have a dear old friend whose daughter-in-law is a freelance editor. She told me that it might be best to change my direction and turn my story into a blog. I contemplated doing just that until Scott reminded me of my original goal – A book. I did change some of the writing style as I did not want it to appear too journal like.

The life of a writer: Write, re-write, write, re-write. I have since found a potential, new editor, through a Facebook writing group that I joined a few months ago and I received a compliment that I will forever treasure. “Although it needs some work, I like your writing style and while reading it, I kept wanting to know what would happen next.”

So, every time I get the voice in my head, you know the one – “You can’t.”

Oh, yes I can. If my story helps but one person, then my work is done.

I’ll keep you updated on when Expiration Date will be available. One last matter – The title of this weeks blog post is “How a Journal Can Become an Expiration Date (In Two Easy Steps), not One Easy Step? No.

The steps are:  1) Do the footwork  2) Turn the rest over to God  

The way I see it, that is what is called Faith.

Until next week – K  xo 

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