The Wheels on the Train Go Round and Round….

You know, there are these times when my oral cancer journey has been a lot like a steam train that continues to pick up momentum. At other times, the locomotive slows its wheels. There have been many a day when I feel the need to shout “next stop, please!” I have shared an array of emotions along the way, as my writing process continues. I will tell you, however, that I can never be sure where the next piece of inspiration will originate. Suffice it to say that it’s worth staying in the club car for this one….

Dateline: March, 2021 – Calling All Wingers….

I stumbled upon a handsome, young man with dark, wavy hair, on his YouTube channel. His parents called him Fil with an “F” – It’s Norwegian. Wings of Pegasus is his band and his channel name, but he does it all – Literally. He just showed up one day while I was writing. Early March or so. “Well, what have we here?” I was playing music and his channel just happened to pop up right there in the mix. Alrighty then…. and just like that, he and his broadcast were a mainstay. Fil does what is called an analysis on bands or solo artists. Many times he focuses on the guitar players, since he is also a guitar player. A very good one, at that. I “Spike the Likes” – a phrase that he uses to build up his channels following and I have since adopted. In addition, I subscribed to the channel from the get go. “Wingers” are the cool crowd from all over the world. We gather at our desktops, laptops, and even our phones.

Name That Tune….

Fil is a guitar teacher and sings and plays original rock music as well as tons of cover songs, but his analysis videos run the gamut from Julie Andrews, Lulu, or Glen Campbell to Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, and The Kinks. He tunes his guitar and plays the chords to any number of the songs and explains with great detail – chord changes and will have a keyboard on screen, when applicable, to show the notes. As if this isn’t enough, he explains singing voices, vibrato, and even a personal background on the band or singer, but I could spend the entire day telling you about it. This channel should be a requirement. Not only does he do a spot on analysis, but everyone’s favorite mate does two live streams a week to thank his many patrons for their continued support.

Pulling Out All The Stops….

If all that my new friend does, isn’t enough, there is a new show on his channel. It’s called Under the Spotlight.

Dull? Flat? Bland? Routine?

“I’m in a rut and I’m bored”, I tell my friends. Some of my besties respond, “In what way?” I need to shake things up. The writing of my issues from the last several years is beginning to take its toll. I had, a year or so prior to this declaration, set out to write my book – a series of blogs posts that chronicle my journey with a head and neck cancer, but are meant to inspire others that were also handed a terminal cancer diagnosis. I was given a reprieve and with God’s help I have been on the upswing thanks to an immunotherapy. It did, however, suppress my immune system – ’cause that’s what immunotherapies tend to do, but this is another story in and of itself. Many of you have traveled this road with me and continue to do so. My new YouTube friend is now on the journey with me, as I follow his musical “tour”. He dutifully obliges the need to transport myself into attendance at any given arena, club, or concert hall, in any city in the U.S. or abroad. For this I will use my all time favorite word. Come on, you know the one. Here’s a clue – Starts with a capital “G”. Ding, Ding? – Yes, it’s Gratitude. Thanks be to God and to that British guy. You know the one. His name is Fil with an “F”.

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