Hello. I’m Kelly U’Ren Moody I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my two favorite people. My better half, Scott, and his daughter Barbara.

I began my career with an investment firm and continued with that profession for the next 15 years. Eventually I wanted something of my own. I moved forward with a commercial/residential cleaning business.

After 12 years it was time to get my energy back. I wasn’t eating right and it was affecting my blood sugars, as I’m a type one diabetic. I soon realized that I enjoyed studying natural health remedies and could possibly carve a new career path for myself. I enrolled in a school that would allow me to obtain my certificate as a health coach.

Shortly after I completed the required courses and was able to begin coaching, I was diagnosed with oral cancer.

Originally my thought process was that cancer was just a blip on the radar and life would continue as usual. Well, life did continue, but it seemed to stop for me. I proceeded to go through countless surgeries and treatments.

I  found myself saying that “No one will take healthy living suggestions from somebody with a radically changing face.

Scott, who is usually quick and to the point, said “You’re a health coach. Now go and coach.” I did begin coaching for awhile, but my illness had other ideas.

When I was informed, 4 years ago, that I didn’t have much time left, I put my work on the shelf. I went into retirement. However, after yet another treatment called immunotherapy, my last several scans have shown no signs of the cancer.

I have been in a bit of a crossroads in the last year. I wasn’t expected to live, so how do I pick up the pieces of my life and put them back together?

It eventually occurred to me, after some soul searching, that I can help others who are struggling with their own  cancer diagnosis and  journey. My way of giving back will be through sharing stories (my own and others), tips on supplementing, skin care, food ideas (peg tubes, purees), and so much more.

It took quite some time for me to realize that I am here for many reasons and this is one of them. If I can help one person by putting a smile on their face, then my work is done.

There’s Always a First Time For Everything….

My first book is on it’s way. “Expiration Date” is coming soon. My cancer story that starts before the diagnosis and takes us to present day. I’ll keep you posted!!